Alexandra Hirst (SA) – 2020 Finalist

Building Blocks, 2018
210 x 70 x 70
Photo: the artist

Emerging Artist Category

While obtaining her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculpture) at Sydney College of the Arts (2015), Alexandra Hirst participated in an International Exchange in Visual Art at Alfred University, New York in 2013. Instantly she was drawn to the complexity of glass as a material and the collaborative aspect of glassblowing. Hirst has continued to develop her technical skills through courses at the Australian National University, Canberra and by completing a Master of Fine Art (Glass) (2019) at the Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. Here she explored the integration of digital processes in glass blowing and in creating large-scale glass objects. In 2020 she commenced the Glass Studio Associate Training Program at JamFactory.

“Each of these Building Blocks holds a unique internal organ derived from a different 3D modelling technique. Much like our bodies, 3D modelling uses primary processes; lofting, extruding, revolving; that form the core of the program’s functionality. To represent the vastly different form-giving potential of these processes, each organ is digitally subtracted from a cube and 3D printed to create burnout moulds. Cast in clear glass, the blocks are brought to a high polish to reveal these internal structures. Unified by a consistent external form, each building block represents simple digital processes in a manner that would be very difficult to replicate by hand. The work highlights the potential for digital technologies to open up new possibilities in glass craft.”