Ayano Yoshizumi (SA) – 2020 Finalist

Icon #2003, 2020
blown, sculpted, hot-fused, engraved glass, found objects
170 x 300 x 110; 170 x 300 x 140
Photo: Pippy Mount

Emerging Artist Category

Originally from Japan, Ayano Yoshizumi is a glass artist based in Adelaide. Ayano treats her glass sculptures as three dimensional canvases, using glass blowing, kiln-forming and enamelling to strike a unique balance between art and craft. Her conceptual works are influenced by Fauvism in her strong and expressive use of colour as well as the serendipitous nature of the hot-glass medium. Ayano holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Industrial, Interior and Craft Design (2014) from Musashino Art University, Tokyo and completed the Glass Certification Studies Program at Toyama Institute of Glass Art in 2016. She won the Takaoka Craft Competition and the Best Student Prize at the Toyama Institute of Glass Art in 2016. She became the second Asialink Artist in Residence at Canberra Glassworks in 2017 and joined the JamFactory Glass Studio Associate Program in 2019.

“Through my practice I am interested in the use of glass as an expressive material as well as using space and colour as primary tools for considering the work as a three- dimensional canvas. The building of both internal and external spaces using blown glass and painting, creates a constructed, transparent space. The Japanese concept ma, meaning negative space, identifies the aesthetic of each object’s internal and external space. In essence, it is ma that creates the depth and complexity of the object itself”