2016 Finalist – Lewis Batchelar

Animism, 2016
blown glass, 770 x 750 x 300
Photo: Michael Haines

Emerging Artist Category Finalist


Lewis Batchelar is an emerging artist currently undertaking the Associate training program in JamFactory’s Glass Studio. Having studied under Nigel Jones, Lionel Teer and Kathryn Wightman, Batchelar received his Diploma in Glass Design and Production from the Wanganui School of Glass, New Zealand in 2012. Before moving to Adelaide in 2015, Batchelar worked for several established artists around New Zealand at Chronicle Glass Studio, Wanganui, Lava Glass, Taupo and Monmouth Glass Studio, Auckland. In 2012, Batchelar received the Ann Robinson Glass Award and the Wanganui Sargeant Art Review Merit Award in 2013.

“As an artist my focus is the vessel. I am inspired by traditional technique and strive to make aesthetically driven works that pay respect to the tradition and craftsmanship of the material. I have drawn inspiration from the anthropomorphic nature of gourds and cacti to create a composition of quirky objects to reflect notions of family.”