2106 Finalist – Nick Mount

blown glass, surface worked, low fire glass enamel, patinated mild steel, 850 x 260 x 260
Photo: Pippy Mount

Established Artist Category Finalist


Nick Mount is one of Australia’s most accomplished and celebrated studio glass artists. Approaching his fifth decade working in the field, he has been at the forefront of innovation and achievement since the early 1970s. Mount’s earliest and most enduring influences include the United States west coast glass scene and the traditions of the Venetians. Informed but not confined by tradition, Mount is known for his production, commission and exhibition work. Since the late 1990s the latter has comprised of an evolving series of sculptural assemblages. Ranging in scale and character, they describe an aesthetic that is both provocative and playful, intimate and spectacular. Mount’s work is represented in most major public collections in Australia and in museums in Japan, the United States and Denmark. His reputation as a generous teacher, demonstrator and mentor sees him teaching regularly at glass centres around the world.

“My series of Beacons celebrate no specific time or place but are markers that indicate every moment for what it might be. These pieces are composed of a number of components that are considered, addressed, stacked and balanced as a warning, reminder or a guide.”