Finalist – Bastien Thomas

Études (N°7, 9 And 10), 2018
Glass, variable between 130 and 220mm

Emerging Category

Originally from France, Bastien came to Australia to undertake the Associate Program at JamFactory with the ambition to further his glass working skills and identify himself as a consummate practicing glass artist. After studying glass blowing for three years at France National Glass School, Bastien undertook a 6 month residency at Musée/Centre d’art du verre, in Carmaux, France, and continued working and training for two years in different studios across Europe. Bastien was also the recipient of the Corning Scholarship 2017, which took him to the USA to participate in a two week intensive class with world renowned glass artists Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz in Corning Museum of Glass studios.

“Inspired by the effects of time against objects and material, I explore the delicate balance between the beautiful and grotesque. Like bringing to light a dust covered archeological piece that holds immeasurable information about the past, these works intend to create a contrast between raw, rough textures and shiny, colourful surfaces. Through the process of ‘burying’ these pieces in layers of glass powder, I become a kind of archeologist ; cutting and polishing these pieces back to reveal a world of patterns inside. By working this way, burying and unveiling the clear transparent glass, I like to think about it as a metaphor for archeology itself.”