Finalist – Holly Grace

Gulf Hut – The Story of Jimmy Gavel, 2018
Blown Glass, glass enamel paints and decal imagery, silver stained, and gilded surfaces, with found metal handles, single LED light source. 4
Billycan I 260h, Billycan II 350h, Billycan III 150h
Billycan I 200w, Billycan II 110w, Billycan III 150w
Billycan I 200d, Billycan II 110d, Billycan III 150d

Holly Grace was born in Perth, Western Australia and is currently based in Melbourne, Victoria. Grace has exhibited in venues such as the Melbourne Art Fair, London Art Fair, Sofa Chicago, and has had numerous solo exhibitions both here in Australia and internationally. The artist has been collected by various public and private collections, such as the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank and Parliament House Art Collection. Grace has been the recipient of grants from the Australia Council and Arts Victoria that enable her to create new bodies of work and to participate in 3 International Mentorships. Two of these mentorships took place in Denmark and initiated the artist’s affinity with the landscape, leading to more recent explorations into the Australian Bush. Exploring first with the camera and then with glass, Grace creates a multi-layered glass canvas that is a poetic interpretation of the Australian landscape.

“As Jimmy sits within the heart of his hut he stokes the fire and brews the tea from an ensemble of billycans that take pride of place upon the mantle. In idle reflection he looks upon the glimmering firelight, stories layered in time and lost in history are recreated within, illuminating his thoughts. These precious moments, gilded by time, treasured forever – a legacy from times past. Transferring light and image through ghosted glass the fable of Jimmy Gavel unravels with a snapshot of objects, form and space. The retelling of the death of Jimmy Gavel whose ghost, according to legend still resides in the isolated shelter is explored across the surface of three small billycans, recreations made in glass of the originals that still remain pride of place upon the mantle at the heart of Gulf Hut.”