Finalist – Kathryn Wightman

Still, 2018
Sifted and Sintered glass powder, 1338h x 800w x 10d

Established Category

Wightman began working with glass as a student at the University of Sunderland (UK), 2000, where she obtained a degree in Glass and Ceramics followed by an MA in glass, 2005.  In 2006 she was awarded a Craft Council placement to assist in establishing a creative practice. This led to Ph.D research undertaken at the University of Sunderland, 2012 focusing on the integration of glassmaking and printmaking processes, funded by Arts Humanities research Council, England. Since completing research Wightman has undertaken work as a visiting lecturer at the University of Sunderland she has also worked as a glassmaker at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland.  In 2012 she relocated to New Zealand to take up a post of Glass lecturer at the Wanganui Glass School.  Since living in New Zealand Wightman has been awarded the Emerge Glass Prize 2014, the Ranamok Glass Prize 2014 as well as the The Kvadrat Prize as part of Young Glass 2017.  She delivers workshops around the World and lectures in creative areas across the Wanganui School of Design (NZ).

“Wightmans recent work is an exploration of human existence and identity where the replicated glass surface serves as a metaphor for the realities of personal experience. Control and chance play equal parts in the creation of the work as well as the need to balance idea, material and process.  In this particular work a limited but saturated colour palette dramatically shifts through a range of 220 shades and back again.”