Finalist – Liam Fleming

Blow Horn #3, 2018
Glass, 1460h x 250 x 250

Established Category

Liam Fleming started blowing glass at the age of 16, undertaking work experience in a private studio in Adelaide. Completing his studies at the University of South Australia in 2011, he was accepted as an associate at the JamFactory in 2012. Fleming has been the Production Manager in the JamFactory glass studio since 2015. Fleming has collaborated with many other makers most notably furniture designer/maker Jon Goulder in 2017. The Congruent side table was exhibited in Milan during the Milan design week and London during the London design week. Fleming also exhibited in Berlin during the Australia Now with the assistance of the JamFactory and Canberra glassworks.

“My work utilises production glassblowing techniques to transform functional objects into larger scale sculptural objects. Blow horn #3 is a continuation on work inspired by being in India. Colour, architecture and a lot of horn blowing come together to create a glass shrine to the four-colour theorem of mapping.”