Finalist – Madeline Cardone

It’s Only Up From Here , 2018
Kiln formed glass, 345h x 335w x 10d

Emerging Category 

Madeline Cardone is a fifth-year student at the Australian National University, currently studying a combined Bachelor of Art History & Curatorship and a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in glass. Madeline is intrigued by the process kiln-formed glass; her current work explores the tensions created between form and material, communicating these concepts through a subtle, minimalist aesthetic. Madeline has engaged in a number of curatorial positions, such as a pop up exhibition for the 2017 ANU Open Day at the Glass Workshop, the Living Rooms event for the DESIGN Canberra Festival 2017, and most recently, the curator of ‘Symbiosis: China and Australia Edge Glass Art Student Exhibition’ at the China Academy of Art (CAA), Hangzhou, China. Through both her developing artistic and curatorial practices, Madeline aims to engender unique dialogues between objects and the spaces they inhabit, as well engaging with emerging artists to exhibit growing local talent.

“My work contemplates the mysteriousness of the internal, specifically the relationship between the internal and the external, to create subtle forms that suggest the presence of something ambiguous beneath the surface of the material. The subtle tensions created in the material are what interest me to explore, and challenge, the potential of kiln formed glass. By putting these tensions into dialogue with each other, I aim to evoke a sense of push and resistance between form and material, inviting the interplay of black and light and prompting the temptation of touch. I am also interested in how simple lines can engender different emotive responses in the viewer; how they can recall particular moment or image, or a personal experience.”