Finalist – Mark Eliott

A Mind of its Own, 2017
Flame sculpted and blown borosilicate glass., 600h x 300w x 300d

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Mark Eliott’s glass art practice spans biological representation, sculptural abstraction, mythology and glass-animation. Many of his works are illustrations of his stories and are often influenced by synaesthesia which includes visual music, coloured alphabet and numerals. His biological work is influenced by Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka. Marks works are held in various collections including the Corning Glass Museum in New York. He completed Masters of Visual and Studio arts at Sydney College of the arts, Jazz studies at Sydney Conservatorium and is currently a PHD candidate at the Australian National University. Mark also teaches Flame-work at Canberra Glassworks and does interactive demonstrations. He exhibits internationally, plays music and purchases carbon credits to offset his energy use.


Urban trees can be seen as the improvisational other – needed by humans to counterbalance the order of the built environment yet distrusted as wild things which can never be entirely tamed. Each tree is itself a piece of architecture, a unique variant on its own genetic plan – playing host to a vast array of inhabitants both above and below ground – many of whom either contribute to, or challenge its integrity.  I encounter this tree each time I stay at the Glassworks Chapel where it stands sentinel (from a human viewpoint).  Since reading Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees, I have come to think of it as a lone voice: a strong and independent presence. Each morning I smell the intense aroma of Eucalyptus – as I walk barefoot around its base, my mind awakening to the raw sensation of gumnuts crushing underfoot.”