Finalist – Thomas Pearson

Clepsammia, 2018
Blown Glass, 500h x 400w x 200d

Emerging Category

Thomas is an emerging glass artist with a portfolio including hot blown and sculpted glasswork. After completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Australian National University in 2015, he became an Associate at JamFactory, Adelaide. Pearson’s art and design work has been featured in the National Emerging Art Glass Prize, 2016, the ANU Graduate Exhibition, 2015, the Random Gallery, 2015, and the Canberra Design Week, 2014.

“I have worked as a production glassblower for the last four years. I seek to investigate the narrative of traditional forms through the practice of making by hand. I am currently exploring the historical use of preserving bottles and the hourglass, or sand-clock. The bodily form of the hourglass, and its translating function, explore ideas of absence and presence. The movement of the sands record time through a repetitive changing internal landscape. Bottles and hourglasses are the historical precedent to my current work, both relying on internal spaces which hold and move light. These contemplative works present an interlinking of meditative process and sculpture. I have enjoyed making these works; blowing them initially and then filling them with glass sands. The process of making them has fed my ideas and, by continuing to invest in this challenging material, I hope to keep bringing my ideas to life.”