Finalist – Verity Burley

Guardian Series, 2018
Blown, drilled/ hand finished glass, reflective/ clear tape, wooden base
construction, found objects, PVA glue, silicone, chalkboard/ exterior acrylic paint, screws, dimensions variable

Established Category

Originally from Melbourne and attuned instinctively from a young age to making Art and Craft; Verity Jasmin Burley travelled to England in 2001 as the first ambassador and exchange student working with glass to represent the University of South Australia. Initially relocating from Perth while undertaking a Sculpture major at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia; which is where her love affair with glass came into fruition. After graduating in 2004 with a Masters Degree in glass from the University of Sunderland, Verity has assisted and worked for various international glass makers and artists during her ongoing career. In the last few years notably working for the Corning Museum of Glass, NY as a Glassblower at Sea on board the Celebrity ‘Solstice’ & ‘Eclipse’. Now based in Adelaide, South Australia working with quartz glass weekly, while also making artistic work provoked by her own psyche is a dream come true.

“The Guardian Series is a set of blown glass safety/ traffic cones that incorporates mixed media into each base construction, serving the combined greater cause of solidarity while having individual identities similar to that of our own. Typically found on the street or discarded in unusual locations and generally considered unimportant. Together they guard and protect rather than being just disposable objects or no longer considered valuable. Awaiting their fate, lined up in a queue, having served a purpose they have become redundant, left behind, deserted or homeless. Like a body without a soul we become human objects, but the personality still remains, we are vulnerable yet fervent. By creating this work in glass, it changes the way we perceive everyday objects, questioning their importance in relation to our own. During the making process, ideas are generated that further stimulate my creativity, which is continuously in development.”