Yusuke Takemura (NSW) – 2020 Finalist

Seeing Beyond Silence, 2019
glass, optical fibre, stainless wire, sphere, gold leaves
1260 x 30 x 30
Image courtesy of the Artist and Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert 

Established Artist Category 

Yusuke Takemura is a sculptor from Osaka, Japan. Yusuke holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Glass) (2006) from Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, Japan. He moved to Australia, completing a Master of Studio Arts (2009) at the Sydney College of the Arts. Yusuke’s innovative cutting glass methods are a daring fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary knowledge, designed to translate ideas relating to human experience, memories and history. These intriguing poetic forms subtly investigate the infinite relationship between the bodily and sentient aspects of human existence. Yusuke’s works have been recognised and shortlisted for prestigious sculpture prizes and glass art prizes around Australia. He has exhibited internationally at SOFA Chicago; Art16, London and the Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong. In 2014 Yusuke received a grant from The Japan Foundation, New York to attended the Glass Art Society (GAS) conference in Chicago.

Yusuke Takemura is represented by Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert, Sydney.

“Isolating myself in the Australian bush elicits a spring of self-understanding. Experiencing detachment from civilization leads me back to a renewed awareness of connections and a sense of belonging within society. Seeing beyond Silence is inspired by the radical development of information technology, which at once offers a closer proximity to the world while connecting individuals on social networks. Accumulated personal data gives rise to the sensation of a virtual image of myself; a self which interfaces with a greater number and variety of people without any physical connection occurring. The vessel is evocative of an abstracted human figure. The object offers a complex surface created through grinding and polishing, yielding an ethereal shell perforated by organic-shaped voids and interlaced with a continuous optical fibre. Seeking dialogue with my work I am compelled to query what connection means to me and how I belong to the elaborate networks of our society”